Wire Fox Terriers

About us

We have been involved in dogs for over 20 years, starting with German Shorthaired Pointers, a breed we love and still own. The Wire Fox Terrier came naturally when we started looking for a smaller, yet sturdy breed, that could play well with our Shorthairs. The Wire's beautiful looks and exquisite personnality had us hooked from day one. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the Wire Fox Terrier and meeting our four-legged family. 


The Wire Fox Terrier


The Wire Fox Terrier is a funny, sassy, mischevious little dog with a heart of gold and a mind of his own. His exuberant personnality is a great match for an experienced owner doted with a sense of humor. Active and playful, the Wire loves running, jumping, swimming and above all, digging ! 


Once a fierce hunter, the Wire is now mostly a family pet. However, he has retained some of the qualities that made him the perfect little working dog he once was: independence, courage and resourcefulness are all typical terrier traits that can prove a challenge when training, but also make the wire so endearing.

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